“Mehrunisa V Lub U”

Yet another star studded Pakistani flick is soon to hit the Theaters.

“Mehrunisa V Lub U”

All set to be released on EID and it is already been called as an ‘Eid Entertainer’ by its cast and crew.

Danish Taimoor and Sana Javed in lead roles while Javed Sheikh, Nayyar Ejaz and Saqib Sameer are also playing vital roles in the film.

The teaser looks very cinematic. The cinematography is done brilliantly, with beautiful locations.

Check out the official trailer.

Coming to the music of the film, our hopes are very high as the lyrics of the songs in the film have been penned by the renowned Indian poet and lyricist, Gulzar. MVLU consists of 4 songs in total, Tu Hi Tu, Marhaba, Beliya, Badla. One of which is being called a ‘celebration song’ by the producers.

Check out the Badla Video Song.


Dekh Magar Pyaar Say [#DMPS] Karachi Premiere held at Capri Cinema!

Director Asad Ul Haq and Producer Ali Murtaza of Shiny Toy Gunspremiered their feature film ‘Dekh Magar Pyaar Say’ in Karachi at Capri Cinema onSaturday 15th August 2015.

The film’s premiere which took place inKarachi was attended by notable socialites, members of the fashion and entertainment industry along with corporate personalities and esteemed members of the press including;Adnan Malik, Adnan Pardesy, Adnan Siddiqui, Ahmad Ali Butt, Amir Adnan, Anoushey Ashraf, Asad ul Haq, Deepak Perwani, Dua Malik, Fouzia Aman, HSY, Huma Adnan,Humayun Saeed, Irfan Khoosat, Jami, Khalid Malik, Mohsin Ali, Musharaf Hai, Nadeem Mandviwalla,Nida Yasir, Saqib Malik, Sikander Rizvi, Tabesh Kohja& Ujala Zia.

The modern romantic comedy Dekh Magar Pyaar Say was filmed primarily in Lahore; the historic city’s rich cultural heritage came alive with the movie filming across Lahore’s magnificent landmarks for what are posed to be the movie’s most memorable scenes. Additional scenes were also captured in London, England.With award-winning actress and Pakistani silver screen luminary #HumaimaMalick and debutant actor #SikanderRizvi, grandson of the legendary Madam Noor Jehan and the brother of Pakistani actress Sonya Jehan starring in DMPS, the feature film also boasts well-known industry professionals such as Irfan Khoosat, Khalid Butt, Kanwal Ilyas,Shahzad Abid, Dr Abid, Ajmal Dewaan, Tariq Sheikh, Hamza Lari, Furqan Shafi, Ijaz Khan, Ahmed Butt,Abid Majeed and many more.

Dekh Magar Pyaar Say’s [#DMPS] Music video promos – Kala Doriya, Tasveer (Talal Qureshi Mix), Kabhi Kabhi and I am Sweetie and the official OST of Dekh Magar Pyaar Say [#DMPS] already has received nationwide admiration/acclaim.

Speaking about ‘DMPS’, Film Director Asad ul Haq said,“Dekh Magar Pyaar Say has been created to give an audience a different twist toa normal storytelling; the narrative, the art, the styling and the pace is all different to our usual way of desi films! It’s meant to be slightly different yet play with pulse of the audience and give you an overall happy, warm feeling.”

Ali Murtaza, Producer of Dekh Magar Pyaar Say has said, “I am excited to see so much good work produced by Pakistani cinema on 14th August. I’m thankful to people for a wonderful response and hope we all go a long way in making good quality films. #DMPS”

With leading filmmaker Asad-ul-Haq and Producer Ali Murtaza behind the artistic vision of the motion picture set to release on the festive 14th August 2015, the modern romantic comedy had Saima Rashid Bargfrede as the motion picture’s Official Styling Partner along with Pakistan’s leading design house, HSY and fashion designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin as the Creative and Fashion Design Director for #DMPS, a collaborative association which is unique to Pakistani cinema. The script for #DMPS has been penned by writer and journalist Saba Imtiaz, who recently released her debut novel, ‘Karachi, You’re Killing Me!’. BAFTA winning Director of Photography, Nicholas D. Knowland [aka Nic Knowland] of Jinnah fame was the official DoP of the project. Creative Chaos are official digital partners for #DMPS with Ammara Hikmat at Encyclomedia as strategic partner, Hammad Chaudhry of HKC Entertainment as the official global film distributor and all media management by Lotus Client Management & Public Relations.

For more information please visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dekh-Magar-Pyaar-Say/1579268909024459?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dmpsthemovie

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dmpsthemovie/

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user39960695


‘SHAH’ is now playing in cinemas nationwide – it is based on a true story of legendary Pakistani boxer, Hussain Shah

‘SHAH’ based on a true story of legendary Pakistani boxer, Hussain Shahis now playing in cinemas nationwide following its grand premiere hosted by Samsung Pakistan at Cinestar Cinema in Lahore on Independence Day.

After the film’s premiere in Karachi, the Blue Carpet of the Lahore premiere of ‘SHAH’ featured a host of stars including leading cast and crew along with prominent names from Pakistan’s film, music and fashion fraternity such as musicians Ali Noor, Junaid Khan and Umar Saud; supermodel Nooray Bhatti, Olympian swimmer Kiran Khan and the inspiration for the film Hussain Shah himself who was thronged by fans and media after the standing ovation at the premiere. The event was managed by the JBnJaws Productions with Public Relations by Amjad Bhatti.

The movie highlights Hussain Shah’s life as a homeless child on the streets of Karachi and how he eventually dominated Asian boxing for nearly a decade. Hussain Shah became the first South Asian to win an Olympic Bronze medal in boxing in 1988. He remains the only Pakistani athlete to win an individual medal at the Olympic Games in more than 50 years. Within a few years after his historic achievement, SHAH was forgotten by the government and media and fell back to a life of abject poverty before vanishing from the public eye completely, joining the ranks of countless forgotten heroes of Pakistan. The film SHAHis a small budget, independent Pakistani film produced by Logos Film & Media, a small team of debutante filmmakers from Lahore with the aim of bringing the incredible story of this Pakistani hero back to its people.

While speaking to press at the premiere the films lead actor Adnan Sarwar said: “I am extremely pleased that the film SHAH is receiving such an overwhelming response from the people of Pakistan. For the most part, it is due to Hussain Shah finally getting the kind of acknowledgement that he deserves. Seeing people walk out of the cinemas with tears in their eyes gives me hope that the treatment that was meted out to SHAH will never be repeated again.”

Samsung Pakistan’s MD, Mr. J.H. Lee said on the occasion, “We are utterly thrilled to be a part of this mega project, as we can foresee that ‘SHAH’ the film, is going to excite the nation and influence countless lives in a positive way. It will instill greater ambitions and passion to overcome life’s demoralizing challenges and emerge as a winner in today’s competitive world. Projects like this are needed to bring positive changes in the nation’s mindset, to help them work hard to realize their true potential and earn respect and honor among the global community.”

For more details, please visit the official SHAH Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SHAHTheFilm.


On Thursday, 6th August, Nueplex Cinemas was a ‘Blue Carpet’ affair. The agenda for the evening was GEO Entertainment’s Quarter Launch & first look of MANTO The Film which was set to screen inside the cinema hall.

“MANTO”, presented by Babar Javed, is a GEO Films Production about writer Saadat Hasan Manto played by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, director of Humsafar. The film will depict the life of Manto, and will showcase certain points in his life which spark his inspiration and kalam. Stories about Noor Jehan, played by Saba Qamar, and about the madari (monkey master), played by Mahira Khan, were highlighted and built up the anticipation for the film. The film will also showcase Sania Saeed as Manto’s wife and Nimra Bucha as his parchai, and we will delve into his life and mind set.

Cinema screening at Nueplex included a teaser of a rendition of “MehramDilaan De Mahi”, tribute to poet Shiv Kumar Batavi, performed by MeeshaShafi, acclaimed music artist who was present at the event. The song is soulful, and gave us chills. The singer is shown dressed in a classic black off-shoulder dress while she performs on screen.

The film has music by Ali Sethi, “AahKoChahiye” as well as collaboration with Zeb Bangash“Kya Hoga”; a fun and upbeat tune. Also, Javed Bashir’s “Kon Hai YehGustakh” is full of emotions and is shown alongside Manto’s life story which gives us a fitting story. The final songs were shown as the first look of MANTO the Film.

Alongside MANTO, GEO Entertainment gave the audience a preview of the drama serials which have launched this quarter; these include ‘DilIshq’, ‘Ishqa Waay’, ‘SHE’, and ‘Dua’. GEO, after much backlash, has turned them-selves around. Their dramas have gone up a notch, and bring us stories which are relatable and draw the audience in.

Cast members of GEO & MANTO present at the event included Aijaz Aslam, Sarmad Khoosat, Rabab Hashim, Ushna Shah, Sami Khan, Junaid Khan, Hina Bayat, Nadia Afgan,Meesha Shafi and Nimra Bucha among others.

Zamad Baig, artist behind OSTs of ‘DilIshq’&‘Ishqa Waay’, first Pakistan Idol winner was also present at the event. Other celebrities at this star-studded event included Tapu Javeri, Nausheen Shah, Ekra Fayz, Amna Ilyas, Sarwat Gillani, Gohar Rasheed, Shamoon Abbasi, Hira Tareen, and Ali Safina among others.

Styling was handled by international celebrity stylist Ehtisham Ansari.

Make-up & Hair by N-Pro. Anoushey Ashraf was the official carpet host.

The PR and event was being managed by Phegency PR & Events.


Pakistan’s premiere entertainment network, HUM Network organized the red carpet premiere of HUM Films and MD Films debut venture and the most anticipated movie of the year, BIN ROYE here at Nueplex Cinema, Karachi. The Red Carpet premiere was attended by the who’s who of Pakistan’s entertainment landscape, movie buffs, critics, media personnel and large number of fans from across the city.

Following the Red Carpet where fans had fun and “selfie time” with the lead cast, over delectable appetizers, the audiences were treated to viewing the film which was received with great applause and appreciation. With Eveready as its official distribution partner in Pakistan, Bin Roye is co-directed by Momina Duraid and Shahzad Kashmiri and produced by Momina Duraid. Bin Roye is an intertwined story of Saba, a hopeless romantic, driven to obsession by her intense feelings for the man of her dreams, Irtaza who has gone abroad and falls for Saman. In a twist of events, Saman ends up in Pakistan at Saba’s home while searching for her biological parents and develops a strong bond with Saba. Their friendship grows deeper each day, until Irtaza confesses his love for Saman. What follows is a tragic story of regret, remorse and reunion, and a beautiful tale about how love can often bring out the best, and sometimes the worst in us.

Bin Roye – a Momina Duraid and HUM Film — is sure to exceed audiences’ expectations with its engaging script, picture-perfect direction, immaculate production, unforgettable display of acting and soulful melodies. A one-of-its-kind romantic movie in the new wave of Pakistani cinema, it will surely leave an everlasting impact on its audiences round the globe.

Speaking on the occasion, co-director and producer of the movie Momina Duraid said, “Bin Roye is the result of tireless efforts that our team has put in to make a pure drama-genre film. The audience has always loved our work on the small screen and now it is time they taste the flavour of our drama on the silver screen. Bin Roye has great script, fantastic cast, top notch music and an unforgettable display of acting from the lead cast, and will take the audiences on an emotional ride of love, envy, remorse and reunion.”

Duraid Qureshi CEO HUM Network had the following to say about the debut HUM Film: “Bin Roye is the essence of what HUM’s projects are all about – quality acting, love, emotions and drama – which our audiences thoroughly enjoy. We are particularly excited about this project because this is the first time that a Pakistani film will be simultaneously released worldwide. A lot of effort and love have been put into this project and I believe the movie has great potential and will do the Pakistani cinema proud all over the world.”

After the screening of the movie, the lead cast and crew of Bin Roye were invited amid thunderous applause to share their filming experience with the audience. An Eid gift from HUM Network to all its viewers, Bin Roye is based on the bestselling socio-romantic novel Bin Roye Ansoo by the legendary playwright Farhat Ishtiaq. The premiere was managed by HUM Network’s in-house team with Ebuzztoday as an official social media partner. Photography of the event is done by M. Haris armeenakhan-150x150 castbinroye-150x150 mahirakhan-150x150